Why trust me with your darlings?

My name is Sophie Pinkoski – storyteller, wordsmith, champion of stories worth sharing.

I’m a writer, editor, marketer, and reader of anything and everything I can get my hands on.  In 2016, I received my Masters of Science in Publishing from Edinburgh Napier University and have since worked with publishers and authors alike. I lent my marketing skills to Penguin Random House UK’s Children’s Marketing office in London and gave editorial notes for Scottish mystery author, Sara Sheridan’s novel The Ice Maiden. 

I’ve been writing fantasy novels since I was about 9 years old. Editing and marketing has always been a huge part of my writing process, and keeping both in mind has helped me grow professionally over the years. My novels span from time travel to Victorian crime to punk rock, in both YA and adult age categories. Though sci-fi/fantasy is my jam, I definitely know a thing or two about historical fiction and horror as well! My lifelong dedication to storytelling guarantees that your novel will be in good hands.

I’m currently the Youth Representative for the Writers Guild of Alberta, and dedicate my time and energy to providing networking and mentorship opportunities to new writers and students looking to take their writing to the next level. It’s crucial to me that the publishing process be as transparent as possible to anyone who wishes to get their writing out into the world. 

As a writer myself, I understand that authors aren’t made of money, which makes finding a professional editor difficult sometimes! My prices are therefore intended to be accessible in meeting writers’ needs at any point in the publishing process. Check out my editorial services in the dropdown menu above, which will help you navigate every aspect of your publishing process, whether you’re just finishing your first draft, or preparing to query. I’ve got you covered!