Editorial Services

Manuscript Review

A simple critique of your manuscript. Up to five single-spaced pages of notes breaking down what works, what doesn’t work, what you can improve on, and play up. 

Price: $0.005/word ($450.00 for 90k words)

Manuscript Line Edit

An in depth edit of your full manuscript. This is what I’m best at and I will go in hard. If you want an honest opinion on your work, I will give it to you in the most loving of terms. I want to help your novel evolve into the best it can be. The integrity of your writing style, tone, and overall message are my top priority, and I keep this in mind whenever I do an edit to this level. I won’t ever make direct changes to wordings in your manuscript, but rather, leave options for alternatives in Track Changes. 

Price: $0.007/word ($630.00 for 90k words)

Edits By Chapter

If you want to get a feel for my editing style or have specific chapters you need work on, this is a perfect option for you! A breakdown of any individual chapter. You can request this option as many times as you need and I will give you feedback a chapter at a time, rather than for the overall manuscript.

Please note: If you have a completed manuscript, depending on your word count, a full manuscript edit or review might be the cheapest option for you.

Chapter Review: $40.00 per chapter (5k words max)

Line Edit: $60.00 per chapter (5k words max)